Intensho Lab

Intensho Lab is an interactive workshop, dedicated to the operators of Horeca sector, which was founded with the goal to provide the knowledge and skills necessary for optimal management of its business. The methodology used is of the “learning by doing” and is characterized by cross-training areas.
The training approach is slim and practical so as to be up and running at the end of the courses, while maximizing the effectiveness of activities. Intensho Lab is equipped with 15 workstations for students and advanced equipment for professionals in the Horeca sector, in addition to the board Lim, multimedia equipment and wi-fi.

Lab Revolution

In addition, Intensho Lab is much more than this. Intensho Lab is the connection point between the company and professional customers. It is a place where operators in the Ho.Re.Ca. sector are invited to refine the processing techniques and fully understand the qualities, potentials and different ways of using our products.
It is the link among our R&D laboratory, professional customers and the end consumer. Here we exchange ideas, we test the freshness and genuineness of the products, we highlight the needs of professionals and consumers so that they are continuously assisted and supported by our team. Only through this synergy, with the sharing of detailed information, is possible to add value to the potential of our products from the point of view of quality and preparation methods. This is what INTENSHO Lab represents, a revolution in terms of services to the customer focusing on the "Real Voice of the Customer", i.e. the deep analysis of consumers’ expectations, preferences and needs.