Ingredients and semi-finished products for hotels, restaurants and cafes.
This is the line of products conceived for the sector (restaurants, wedding venues, catering, bars, cafés) and represents the best of Italian production inspired by a deep research and knowledge of the ingredients. Our products have been designed to exalt your proposals and creations at best, making them unique, as well as to impress through their taste for unbelievable moments.

Intensho è un marchio
Tecnoblend srl

Tecnoblend’s products are developed GMO free, gluten free and without any hydrogenated ingredients, without artificial colourings and with natural flavours, and they target the two main sectors: ARTIGIANAL (hand-crafted) with a range of products dedicated to ICE CREAM, to PASTRY, to the Bakery – baking products – and to the Horeca Sector (Hotels/Restaurants/Catering). INDUSTRIAL with the Nicoletti range dedicated to the big industrial manufacturers.

Vogliamo avere una reputazione altissima in tutto il mondo, con clienti, fornitori, società civile e organismi di controllo, generando una fiducia completa nel nostro marchio. Vogliamo creare prodotti ad alto indice di salubrità, favorire la cultura e l’informazione dei consumatori stimolando la loro consapevolezza.


Problem Solving

The CAPACITIES that we need to realize our Vision and to carry out our Mission are the will power, the perseverance, the problem solving, the perpetual professional updating, the sharing of the knowledge and the experience, the team spirit with complicity, the creativity, the capacity to speed up things, the capacity to recognize oneself in the leadership, the capacity to see positively the change, the communication skills, the positive attitude, the technical competences tending toward the excellence, the capacity of self-criticism and the capacity to recognize the value of the others.

Vision &

Our VISION is to become a company that produce welfare for oneself, for its customers and for all the less fortunate people. Our MISSION is to create ingredients for the ice-cream (gelato), pastry and bakery production and to develop customized ingredients.

The VALUES that we believe are the passion, the enthusiasm, the fairness, the ethic, the honesty, the legality, the confidence, the collaboration and the respect for people and environment.



We adopt energy management systems to minimize power consumption and improve the efficiency of our plants to achieve the pre-set sustainable energy target. We decided to make some important innovations to our plants: we have installed a photovoltaic system that allows us to be autonomous for about 70%. We replaced 100% of conventional light sources with LED technology. Energy saving is an essential factor in our initiatives aimed at increasing the sustainability of our business. “Save energy to reduce CO2 emissions” is the basic goal in the fight against global warming that we want to pursue.